Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Karzai sets 2014 deadline for security takeover

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday signalled that he would prefer a complete withdrawal of the foreign forces from the country by 2014, in tune with a gradual takeover of security in the provinces by Afghan forces from next year.

In his opening remarks at an international conference on Afghanistan in Kabul, he proposed that by October 2011, the Afghan National Army should have 1,70,000 troops, and the police force should be boosted with the induction of 1,34,000 officers. He said 36,000 former militants would be integrated into the regular forces.


Mr. Karzai said a board would be established to identify the provinces where the Afghan forces could be sent on their own from 2011.

Corroborating Mr. Karzai's perception in part, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Washington would step up the tempo of turning over security to the Afghan forces from July 2011. “The July 2011 date captures both our sense of urgency and the strength of our resolve.” “The transition process is too important to push off indefinitely... But this date is the start of a new phase, not the end of our involvement,” she said.


“Condition, not calendars”

As for the deadline for the withdrawal of the foreign forces, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen emphasised that “conditions, not calendars” would govern the timetable for the takeover of security by the Afghan forces. In no way would the Taliban be allowed to topple the Afghan government, he said. “Our mission will end when — but only when — the Afghans are able to maintain security on their own.”

Mr. Karzai also called for routing half of the foreign aid for Afghanistan through governmental channels. So far, only 20 per cent of the aid has passed through the Afghan establishment. However, aid transfers are linked to the issue of corruption in the Afghan officialdom.


Ms. Clinton pointed out that there were “no shortcuts to fighting corruption and improving governance.” “On this front, both the Afghan people and the people of the international community expect results.”

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who is co-hosting the conference in which 70 countries are participating, said aid programmes needed to be “well-coordinated and fully transparent.”

Mr. Karzai also called on the Taliban and other armed opposition groups to give up militancy and join the peace process initiated by the government. “I wish all those have taken up arms against the country to give up militancy.”


But Ms. Clinton warned that the Afghan government should not try to make peace with the Taliban, the Al-Qaeda and other militant groups that the U.S. strongly opposed.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UN rights council to debate Gaza flotilla incident

The United Nations Human Rights Council, in a special meeting on Tuesday, will focus on the Israeli raid of a flotilla of activists with humanitarian aid bound for the Gaza Strip which left at least nine people dead on Monday.

In what diplomats said would be an “urgent debate,” the 47—member council will consider a draft resolution, put forward by the Palestinians and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which condemns the “outrageous attack” by Israel on the flotilla.


Also, the draft calls for an “independent international fact— finding mission” to investigate the incident, while demanding that Israel release any activists currently in detention.

The last fact—finding mission sent by the council to the Middle East, headed by Justice Richard Goldstone, was rejected by Israel, which said the team was biased against the Jewish state.

In the lead—up to the rights council debate, UN humanitarian agencies in Geneva spoke about a worsening situation in the Gaza Strip.



Gaza hospitals struggling without equipment

Paul Garwood, the World Health Organization spokesman for emergencies, said Gaza’s hospitals were struggling without equipment and Israel was not allowing other supplies into the enclave.

It was “impossible to maintain a safe and effective health care system under the siege,” Mr. Garwood told reporters, adding that “chronic malnutrition” was on the rise.

The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) said it was not able to bring in cement for housing projects. Deliveries of shoes and clothes were also being blocked.



The UN’s humanitarian chief, John Holmes, said in a statement that the blockade “has been unacceptable, unnecessary and counterproductive” and “has helped only the extremists.” Israel says it allows aid agencies to bring in basic supplies and rejects allegations that there is a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier in New York, the UN Security Council called for an impartial inquiry into the Israeli commando raid and also said the Israel should release the ships and all the civilians currently held.

The UN’s top body said Israel should allow the aid that was on board the intercepted flotilla to be sent to the coastal enclave, currently under a blockade. According to the Security Council, the situation in Gaza is “not sustainable.”

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Putting New Dispatch Software in Place

Buying new courier software is one of the normal activities that will happen with a courier company regularly. Now that courier software has become such a critical part of a courier company, and because the courier software is improving at such a pace, upgrading that software regularly has simply become a part of doing business for a courier company. When the time comes to buy new courier delivery software, finding the proper way to implement that software can help your company to go through the transition of new software without any problems. Failing to do so properly can create problems for your company.

There are several parts of implementing new software into your business without any difficulties. It can be broken down into testing, training, and implementation. If you can plan properly for these three phases and put them into place one by one, it will make sure that your business will only get better when putting your new software into place, rather than experiencing the difficulties which could appear otherwise.


Testing the new software on your hardware is an important step to make before you put the software into full effect. Also, if you have to buy new hardware in order to utilize the new software, it is greatly going to increase the costs that your company has to pay for. Testing can help reveal that cost beforehand so that you don't have unexpected surprises down the road.

Training is probably the most important part of putting new software into place. By making sure that your employees understand completely how to run the new software you make sure that no mistakes will be made when the new software goes live. That helps ensure that your company doesn't lose packages, make mistakes that cost money, and most importantly of all don't have problems which cause customer dissatisfaction.

The final part of the puzzle is actually putting the software into play. There are several different ways that this can be done. One way that this can be done is by using the new features of the courier company to supplement your marketing material. Use your new features as points in your advertising to help attract new customers. Another thing that you can do is to make sure and educate your customers about the upgrades before they go into place. Customers can sometimes become dissatisfied with change, but making sure they know about any changes before they happen decreases the odds of that occurring.

Calvin Couris is a consultant for dispatch software and courier company software companies as well as international courier service businesses.

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Computer Registry Repair - How to Pick the Best Repair Tool For the Registry of Your Computer

The registry on your computer is critical as it stores vital data necessary to make most programs on your system run correctly. Unfortunately it also stores fragments of files you may have uninstalled many months before. This is why it is a must to find the best computer registry repair tool to effectively dispose of outdated and useless files, and keeping the necessary files in tact.You may already know this, but all the functions you perform on your computer creates a file which is stored in the registry of your unit. Due to this, as you continue to use your system over a period of time,bad files continue to build up creating errors and other problems to the processor affecting how your computer performs.

There are a couple of methods you can do with computer registry repair; you can manually search for bad files and delete them. The way to go about this is to open the start menu, then in the "Run" tab type in regedit.exe. You will see the registry editor and you can go down the list of files and delete the unwanted ones. Of course you need to be aware that you need to have experience in order to correctly dispose of trash files and keep the vital data separate.


If you happen to delete any critical data that you thought was a bad file it is possible to create major problems with your system; so, if you are not experienced to perform this task it"s not worth attempting. Even a highly skilled technician can risk deleting important data; so if you do attempt it, you must have a back up of your pc before starting the cleaning process.

In any case, always remember the few tips mentioned herein when choosing the best computer registry repair program that is best suited for your unit.

The most advisable way to take care of any problems you are having with your unit is to utilize the best computer registry software you can locate to efficiently handle the cleaning up of bad files on your system and increase the performance. There are many different tools on the market; you should use the better ones amongst all the different products to be certain all your problems get taken care of.

A good approach to doing this is reading various review sites and watch for the most rated products with them; another tip is to look at testimonials and the feedback from individuals who personally tried the product. No matter what you do, keep in mind the couple of tips given here when picking the best computer registry repair program to fit the needs of your system.

Once you are finished reviewing what you need for your computer, you can go to this link for more important information about finding the best registry cleaner software for you.

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How Should You Add Bookmarks to Portable Document Format?

A Portable Document Format is an application that is widely used by the computer users across the Internet. It is a computer application or a file format that presents your data in a professional manner. This file format enables you to transfer the content across the multiple platforms. As the name implies, it is a most portable as well as compatible file format. A user can transfer data through mails even to a system with different configuration.

There are number of other features with which you can make the content in a Portable Document Format presentable as well as professional. A person can insert hyper links, images, multimedia content (such as audio and video files or animation) into the PDF documents. Inserting bookmarks can be one of the ways of making the data manageable or handy. It is essential as it allows you to navigate throughout the document by simply clicking on the titles that can be clicked in the text. These click able links allow you to access a particular portion of the document. This can make the navigation better than scrolling the mouse and moving down page to page. You can even highlight the link on the page so that it appears prominently on the page. The use of bookmarks on the page saves your time and effort in the electronic file. The data becomes user-friendly.


There is no specific tool or computer program required for creating them in your PDF file. You need to simply follow a few steps for inserting hyper links. These click able links appear on the left side of a Portable Document Format file. Go to View Menu and click on the 'Bookmarks' to have access to the links. In order to create one, first access the page, text or portion you would like to bookmark. Go to Document Menu and select 'New'. Then click on an untitled link in order to name the same. All these are a few easy ways of creating the click able links in the document to make the file user-friendly. In this way, you can save your time as well as effort while accessing the file. For converting different format files to PDF using different conversion tools available in the market. For instance, you can convert word to PDF using PDF converter tool and enjoy the smooth and accurate conversion for sure.

Wilet Ritz is an internet expert that suggests the importance of having the most excellent and valuable software for computers. He gives you tips on how to purchase economical, consistent and excellence software for Word to PDF & PDF converter conversion purpose.

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Delete Files Permanently

People always tend to delete the files which they do not need any more or which they do not want others to see. However, people find that all the files can not be deleted completely. Even they clear the trash, the files can be recovered. Thus some privacy will be given away. I know many people are extremely worried about it, so I will illustrate an easy way to delete files completely.

You can free download Registry Winner and use the function of "File Shredder" to delete files permanently. Choose "File Shredder" in the column of "Scan and Clean", and click "File" or "Directory" to add any file or item you want to delete. If you find what you add is still useful, you can choose to put it back.


After picking out what you want to delete, click the "Shred" button. Then in several seconds it will delete them permanently without recovery. To make your operation safer, you can choose "safe" or "thorough" which will offer 3 or 7 overwrite passes.

Different from other products I have ever used, Registry Winner is much easier to operate and more efficient to delete files permanently. After a single click, all those you do not want to keep will be deleted without recovery. The whole process of deleting a file will last only several seconds and even specialized software can not recover what this software has deleted.

Apart from "File Shredder", this software also possesses many other functions. It can also fix registry errors, fix Windows errors as well as Internet Explorer errors, manage startup programs, manage Internet Explorer and optimize Windows system. All the operations can be fulfilled in about several minutes or even seconds.

For more information and to delete files permanently, you can click http://www.newpccleaner.com

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Content Management System Can Help Manage Your Work Flows

If you wish to make your business more organized and want all the work to flow in a proper manner then you should get the help of some professional company that can provide you the content management system. This system is really helpful for managing the work flows and can make your work organized. When you are working in a collaborative environment and are tired of the haphazardness of the work and different tasks then you should get one such system for your business.

There are many advantages that a web CMS provides. It will be possible for the people, no matter how large their number is, to collaborate with each other. They will be able to share the data which has been stored on their systems. The collaboration becomes a lot easier with the help of this kind of system. Your life would be much easier and relaxed. This kind of system allows you to make the user controls, which would control the access of different people to different data. Some people would be allowed to see certain data and information while others would not be. These systems prove to be a great help for the storage as well as the retrieval of the data. The multiple duplicate inputs can be easily avoided if you have this system for the management of the content in your office.

The task of the people would be simplified to a great extent and you would be able improve the overall communication which is going on between the users. They would be able to access, store, retrieve and manipulate the data without any delay. This would save a lot of their time as well as bring improvement in the work flows.

There are many companies through which you can have this system. Usually the companies that work in web development provide such services. Apart from this, there are many other services that you can have from such companies. You can have the ecommerce solution and can also get the web design services from the companies. These companies are professional and help to improve your web site. The professional web site design company can be of great help to your business if you wish to increase the customer base. You would be amazed to see the increase in the number of customers coming to your web site. The web design company can attract customer to your business and would make it grow. The web design Hong Kong company does provide services in different parts of the world.

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